Service 3: Trade Mission


When embarking on the international trade route, visiting the manufacturer or supplier is an essential but sometimes complicated part of the process. China is a vast country with a radically different business culture and a challenging language barrier. Fortunately, ShuRui International’s experienced staffs offer help and advice in planning and executing successful trade missions.



Although it might seem close, the distance between Beijing and Hong Kong alone is as far as the distance between Amsterdam and Naples. Chinese cities can measure over 250 km wide and local transport can be very time-consuming. Travel is only recommended with an extensive bilingual itinerary with detailed information on all manufacturers and suppliers, including related information like local customs, which ShuRui International happily provides.


We ensure all hotels and transportation (plain, train, bus, taxi and cars) are pre-booked and you have all the necessary information in English as well as Chinese in a clear overview that is easy to consult or to show to your local contacts. This will include an overview of expected costs, and cultural visit options on request. We suggest flying with China Eastern, China Airlines, KLM or another European airline and we are happy to help you on your way.


Travel support

Our qualified staff is committed to assist you in planning your trade mission(s) in China. Transport in China is extensive, efficient, frequent and affordable, especially in larger cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guanzhou, which also offer clean and modern subway systems. Additionally, taxis are available for no more than a few euros, and buses cost no more than a few cents.

Residential areas in Chinese cities are connected through long-distance buses, departing from larger bus terminals. China’s extensive rail network offers different types of trains, varying in speed and level of comfort. We highly recommend travelling on the high-speed trains, and the night trains with sleeping cabins.

Finally, China boasts more than 40 regional airports with frequent domestic flights and some international destinations. Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu all offer direct connections to Amsterdam. Domestic flights are locally arranged, very flexible and available at a discounted rate.


A Visa is required to visit China, which can be obtained at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Bern. Applying for a Visa can be a complicated and time-consuming process, so why not let ShuRui International help you?


Interpreting and translation
Chinese-English speaking staff are at hand at ShuRui International to assist you on your journey through China, at meetings or for other translation or interpreting tasks. Additionally, ShuRui International employs an experienced professional interpreter certified for government-related interpretion and translation.