Service 2: Operational Procurement

Although embarking on a Chinese business adventure can be highly profitable and exciting, the process might be somewhat daunting. Working with ShuRui International ensures you profit from our knowledge, experience, network, and ability to react adequately to trends in your specific field, both on the market and the client side. Moreover, due to our local presence and direct contact with manufacturers, time difference and communication will no longer be an issue.

All ShuRui International buyers have extensive experience in the procurement process in both the European and the Chinese market. To ensure excellent results, we have optimised and standardised the sourcing, procurement and buying process. This will increase the quality and effectiveness of your operational activities, ultimately resulting in substantial savings on your overall costs. At ShuRui International, we offer advise and help with all of the following essential steps:

  • Technical and functional specifications
  • Selection
  • Negotiation
  • Contracting and ordering
  • Monitoring and quality control
  • Delivery and logistic process
  • Aftercare



At ShuRui International, your technical and functional specification is the fundamental starting point for the procurement process. It will serve as a blueprint throughout the entire process and helps us ensure a satisfying result. The technical specification lists all required criteria, including material, quality, size, packaging and safety requirements. Similarly, the functional specification indicates any necessary details on the product, its workings and available options and applications. A thorough, detailed technical and functional specification ensures that the end product delivered by the Chinese manufacturer or supplier complies with all standards, rules and guidelines as outlined in the specification.



Our extensive experience helps us select the most suitable Chinese manufacturers and suppliers that are able to deliver the desired product at the best price and quality and within the desired time, in compliance with your specifications and requirements.

Negotiation (only this part need your write, less than 100 words)

Trust us to do your negotiating for you: whether it’s the final quotation, the payment terms, the delivery time or details like mould cost and packaging – we’ve got you covered. Our experienced buyers ensure our clients always get the best deal according to our 3R-principle: the negotiated price should always be reasonable, realistic and right.

Contract and ordering

Once we have agreed on the selected manufacturer or supplier, ShuRui International will draft a bilingual purchasing contract and submit this to the manufacturer during the final negotiations. This Chinese-English agreement will contain all defined commercial conditions, specifications and obligations as agreed on and signed by both parties. This document is a legal, binding contract valid for the entire duration of the project.


Monitoring and quality control

Throughout the entire project, ShuRui International’ will manage expediting, monitoring and quality control of the products. Part of this process are factory audits and product, production and transportation inspections. After all, it is fundamentally important for our customers to ensure that the correct processes are followed during production, with certified quality systems in place.


Additionally, we offer sustainability audits focusing on chemicals, packaging, carbon footprint and environmental issues, and made-to-measure audits or mixed audits, including any criteria fitting your needs and budget.


Delivery and logistic process

Most worldwide logistic companies have representative offices in all major Chinese cities, particularly those near large ports. Additionally, many Chinese local agents work closely with international courier companies like DHL, UPS, Fedex and TNT and domestic couriers like EMS. ShuRui International will advise you on the quickest, cheapest and safest shipping companies, including the best local Chinese agents.



ShuRui International only considers a project completed once all requirements in the agreement are met, and you are fully satisfied. Generally, this means finalising the As-Built documents, delivering additional products or sending stock for repair or return. In short, ShuRui International will ensure all loose ends are tied up – in a bow, if needs be.